Mount your ultrasound device on mobile carts, roll stands, or wall mounts to withstand any healthcare environment and support your needed accessories.

Ultrasound 1

For over 45 years, we have partnered with healthcare providers and medical device OEMs to design and create products utilized in virtually every healthcare setting. When thinking about ultrasound devices in today’s healthcare environment, things are constantly changing. A device that used to be 50 lbs could now be 5lbs and carried around the hospital by a medical staff member. It is important that the hardware that mounts current and future ultrasound devices are flexible, adaptable and, of course, performs safely and reliably. As a result, the GCX team has a checklist of things we consider before designing the right ultrasound solution for our partners. 

What We Consider:

Workflow: How might the device be positioned so that it doesn’t get in the way of interaction between the clinician and the patient?

Security: How might we ensure that the device won’t be stolen or accidentally removed from hospital property?

Cable management: How will the device be charged? How frequently?

Device accessibility: How might the clinician access the device more quickly and easily?

Ancillary devices and accessories (such as ultrasound gel): Are there other devices or accessories that need to be easily available during a procedure?

Mobility: How portable does this device really need to be?

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