Tablets within healthcare settings provide convenience, ease of use and portability. Their usage is expected to grow with the rise in telehealth services.

GCX’s ever-expanding suite of tablet-based solutions help clinicians access the technology and provide healthcare organizations with options to mount modernized signage, streamline processes, improve staff and operational efficiencies, and elevate the patient experience throughout a facility.

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Telehealth provides patients and providers greater access to specialists, dispersed care teams, on-site emergency services and much more.

Patient Education

Tablets within a patient room offer important patient education services through multi-media formats.

Patient Engagement

Increase patient satisfaction rates by providing a way to stay connected with family and friends and entertained during a hospitalization.

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Patient Intake

Equip waiting rooms with kiosks or mobile carts for patient check-ins and translation services.

Information Kiosks

Strategically placed tablets provide digital signage so staff, patients and visitors reach their destinations sooner.

Quarantine Areas

A tablet mounted to a mobile cart is an efficient way for medical personnel to easily access electronic medical records and information.

Improve your patients’ experience while at your facility

This video features the GCX overbed patient engagement table, the VHM-T adjustable tablet arm, the tablet roll stand, the 60″ overbed tablet long arm, and the mini overbed table for seated applications.

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