GCX patient engagement solutions for integration of tablet devices to improve the patient experience

Selecting the appropriate tools and technology to meet today’s patient experience strategies is vital. If a tablet device for patient use is part of that strategy, safe and effective integration of the tablet is yet another essential consideration – GCX can help.

For over 45 years, we have partnered with healthcare providers and medical device OEMs to design and create products utilized in virtually every healthcare setting. In today’s healthcare environment it is important that the hardware that mounts current and future technology is flexible, adaptable and, of course, performs safely and reliably.  When it comes to patients and patient’s families using hospital-deployed tablets, safety is paramount – our experience in mounting medical devices and EMR IT hardware for clinician use plus our ISO13485 quality system make GCX your natural partner for this critical mission.

Our suite of tablet mounting solutions for patient engagement help provide the tools to engage patients to participate in their healthcare, and stay connected with their physicians and families. 

With our deep understanding of healthcare environments, the GCX Patient Engagement Services team can help provide solutions to benefit both your patients and your healthcare facility. Contact us today.

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