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The Role of Ergonomics in Healthcare Environments

October is Ergonomics Month, which is a great time to share insights from Nikki Grose-Grow, a certified ergonomic assessment specialist at Sierra Nevada Ergonomics.  Nikki is specially trained to evaluate hospital environments and is the ergonomist for northern Nevada’s largest healthcare system. As industries go, are healthcare practitioners more or less likely to…

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Don’t Let Bad Ergonomics Distract from Providing Great Care

We recently partnered with a San Francisco hospital to install GCX wall mounts for their electronic medical records. As part of the process, staff provided us a lengthy list of questions to ensure our mounts met their ergonomics standards. Hospital officials take ergonomics seriously, and for good reason.  The potential cost of repetitive stress injuries among…

With almost 50 years of experience working directly with hospitals, GCX staff members have a deep understanding of the practical applications for medical equipment and the mounts to support them. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your facility with ergonomic equipment needs.


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