Ready to Move on from Wooden Carts?

May 16, 2023 in Fetal Monitoring, Medical Mounting Solutions

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Once-popular wooden carts are being reconsidered as healthcare organizations evaluate newer recommendations from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. But that doesn’t mean modern replacements can’t create a similar homey feel that led to the wooden carts’ widespread use. That’s especially true in Labor & Delivery units that strive to create a welcoming environment for new parents and babies.

Modular, configurable, and mobile GCX Fetal Monitoring Workstations are designed so today’s L&D nurses can provide bedside care for all EMR and fetal monitoring needs. The carts easily move between rooms and out of the way during emergencies.

These multifunctional workstations also help hospitals’ infection control efforts. Consider:

  • Parts are made of medical-grade materials that hold up to rigorous hospital sanitation protocols.
  • Monitor cables are neatly stowed, hidden, or covered so they can’t become a conduit for germ spread.
  • A single mobile workstation for electronic health records and fetal monitoring reduces the number of carts that need to be constantly cleaned.

Additionally, strategically placed thermafoil trays reduce both damage and germ-spread risks. Placing these durable, wood-like finishes in low-touch and easily cleaned areas also helps retain a room’s homelike aesthetic.

If you’re looking to replace your wooden fetal carts, contact us today to set up a virtual or on-site demo.