GCX Celebrates 50 Years Serving Hospitals and Medical Device Manufacturers

The company maintains market leadership within medical mounting

GCX Corp., the global market leader in medical mounting solutions, this month celebrates its golden anniversary, having provided mounting solutions for hospitals and medical device manufacturers to mount everything from IT equipment to surgical navigation systems over the last 50 years. Whether from direct sales or established partnerships with medical device manufacturers, GCX products are now used in the majority of health systems and in hospitals worldwide.

Our ability to remain a major medical manufacturer five decades later speaks to the quality, craftsmanship and durability of both our products and our business partnerships,” said Del France, Chief Executive Officer. We continue to position technology to improve healthcare and remain deeply committed to providing highly reliable, medical-grade solutions that meets healthcare’s needs. In critical moments, 99% reliability isn’t enough in healthcare. Medical devices and their support systems must work 100% of the time, and that’s why we maintain the high-quality standards that have set us apart from competitors and made us a valued partner with medical device manufacturing companies.”

The company began in 1971 in a Foster City, CA, garage after co-founder Gary Gilbert developed a new, safe way to better position and protect heavy televisions in patient rooms. Corporate milestones include:

  • In 1972 GCX develops a vertical wall track system so televisions can be safely lowered, serviced and returned to their original position near the ceiling.
  • That track system evolves three years later to support mounting solutions for patient monitors, medical devices, and IT equipment.
  • The company expands to a facility in Novato, California in 1983 and again to its current Petaluma headquarters and factory in 1996.
  • GCX opens a manufacturing plant in El, Paso, Texas in 2003, and later opens another in Taiwan, Japan and The Netherlands to better serve Asian and European markets. 
  • Today the company continues expanding its growing suite of fixed and variable height arms, mobile workstations and patient engagement solutions to meet today’s healthcare needs.

GCX continues to mount patient entertainment solutions, much as it did 50 years ago, only this time for smaller devices such as tablets. Most recently, GCX ramped up production of its roll stands and mobile carts to hold patient monitors, ventilators, and other medical devices for ICU patients being treated for COVID-19. 

It’s just amazing that you can go to any hospital and see our products in use. Any biomedical engineering department probably knows the GCX 800 number,” said Vice President-Sales Clint Thompson, who’s been with the company for 35 years. We’ve had such an imprint in the healthcare community—it’s humbling to see how well established and well respected we are.”

Mark Ross, head of Manufacturing Operations and On-Site Services, joined the company in 1983 and remembers when GCX offered less than a dozen products, compared to some 4,000 now. He attributes the company’s sustained growth and influence in the medical manufacturing industry to the people who work at the company—many of whom have worked at GCX for decades. Everyone is quite committed to our mission. Our staff go into hospitals to assist with audits and installations; they know the healthcare space from being in it. It’s a great place to work and make a difference.”

To learn more about GCX’s impact on the healthcare community and how a mounting solution can help your organization, visit www.gcx.com. If you’d like to learn more about our products, including current use cases, contact Ryan Boland, Vice President- Product and Marketing, at +1 (707) 781-1744.

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